Digital Dealer Solutions

Jumpstart provides automotive dealers exclusive access to the largest audience of highly qualified, in-market shoppers, and a suite of engagement tools to help convert those shoppers into customers.

In-Market Display

Jumpstart Automotive Media designs, plans, and places customized digital display advertising across its diverse portfolio of publishers to ensure you reach active in-market auto shoppers. Through Jumpstart, you can more effectively target and engage auto shoppers by aligning your advertising with automotive content.

Be in the right place at the right time—in front of the right audience—and say "goodbye" to advertising waste.

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  2. Researching
  3. Retargeted
  4. Dealer Site

Shopper Engagement Tools

With these easy-to-integrate tools, your customers are able to make more educated vehicle purchase decisions and you're able to more deeply engage with them.

  • Activator Trade-in Appraisal

    Powered by industry-leader, Black Book, which generates over 8 billion vehicle valuations annually, this tool provides your shoppers with a tailored assessment of what their vehicle is worth and equips your sales team with valuable lead data for converting shoppers into customers.

  • Activator Enhance

    With the Activator Enhance secondary browser tab, the Trade-In Appraisal and eCredit tools have increased visibility as shoppers browse your site. The tools live within a pop-under tab increasing shopper completion and lead generation.

  • Activator eCredit

    Gives your shoppers access to their actual Equifax credit bureau score without any personally identifying information (no birthdate or SSN). This tool allows shoppers to make a realistic assessment of their finance options—and your sales team can start a conversation with a more qualified buyer.