Subaru's In-Market Success Story

  • 24% increase in Unique Visitors shopping the Outback from September to October when the sponsorship was live (see Graph A)
  • 14% growth in Outback's share of Wagon and Crossover shoppers on Jumpstart sites, during the same period competitors saw decrease of 5-11% (see Graph B)
  • 162% growth in Outback's leads submitted by Jumpstart shoppers while all leads submitted only grew by 2% over that same time period

Outback Traffic on Jumpstart Sites

Share of Segment Shoppers

Study Objective: Observe publisher-metrics to determine the impact that Subaru's sponsorships had on consumer shopping activity and evaluate marketer KPIs to determine if the growth in consideration from the sponsorship resulted in increased engagement from consumers who landed on the marketer's site after viewing campaign.

Methodology: Evaluate Subaru brand traffic and share of shoppers during the three-month awareness sponsorship to determine the impact of advertising as it compares to the overall market, and competitors in the market. Also evaluated KPIs provided by Subaru to determine the impact had on marketer metrics from retention campaign.


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