Driving Low Funnel Activity with Awareness Placements


Impression Click Through Rate

  • Automotive marketers know that third-party automotive sites are an effective medium with which to reach in-market shoppers as they research brand and model specific sites during the later stages of their buying process. Jumpstart Automotive Group found that advertisers who also use ad placements that foster awareness on shopping site homepages are rewarded with more traffic and activity on related brand and model specific pages.
  • This study demonstrates how placement of model specific ads on homepages across Jumpstart Automotive Group's publisher sites drove more traffic to both the associated brand and model specific pages and also increased activity (click-through rates) on those pages.


To conduct this study, Jumpstart used three SUV models, the test model, one import and one domestic competitor, to assess the following measurements:

  • Delivered impressions
  • Click-through rates
  • Pageviews

These measurements were collected in January and February, 2008 when all three models were running ads across Jumpstart Automotive Group's publisher sites' make and model pages. However, during the month of February, the test model ran model specific messaging within additional ad units across homepages.

In February, two additional model specific creative units were placed on homepages:

  • Flash header on NADAguides.com homepage
  • 300x250 unit where the test model ran in rotation with other models on new car center pages. The test model homepage and new car center placements were discontinued in March.


  • Impressions served on the test model's specific pages increased by 27% in February compared to January, despite a downturn of 38% in overall traffic across Jumpstart Automotive Group for that period. The increased impressions also drove a 20% increase in click-through rates on the model level pages.
  • For the two competitors, impressions on their model pages were down close to 10% each in February compared to January levels and click rates for both competitors remained static.
  • These findings demonstrate the ripple effect of awareness placements of model level advertising on upper funnel pages such as homepage or new car center locations. These placements provide an effective means to increase traffic and click-through rates for featured models.


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