Small Car Group Scion Demonstrates Sizeable Presence During Difficult Economic Period

The Problem: Scion was not getting the awareness, consideration, and purchase intent they wanted when launching important sales events in early 2008.

Scion Objectives and the Strategy: Scion seasonal events: April 2008 and October — December, 2008. In April 2008, Scion's goal was to reach near-term Scion shoppers on Scion make/model pages, as well as through category level targeting to Coupe and Sedan shoppers, while also conquesting specific competitors like VW Jetta and Mazda 3.

In Q4, Scion's goal was to drive consideration among the Jumpstart websites with homepage presence and took direct aim at competitors within its category by securing all inventory on its own make/model pages, blocking other OEMs from conquesting its brands from Oct. through Dec.

Creative Example I
Price-point/Features messaging on model pages
Creative Example II
Conquest messaging on Dodge Caliber pages
Creative Example I Creative Example II

Scion secured its own brand make/model pages with messaging targeted to shoppers who are closer to making a purchase by calling out price incentives or model features that set them apart from their competition.

Similar to the Honda Element, Scion used creative messaging on Dodge Caliber model pages within the buying guides. Their messaging is working to build consideration for the xB against shoppers that are interested in a similar vehicle within the compact/wagon categories.


Key Findings:

April brand model pageviews grew by 23% and continued into May, increasing by 28%.

November pageviews grew by 19%, while most competitive vehicles lost ground; including the vehicle most cross-shopped by Scion shoppers - Honda Civic (-6%).

Scion pinpointed Dodge Caliber as a key conquest model, in Q4 2008. Cross shoppers increased by 158% on their pages.

Table 1.1 Scion Brand Traffic Growth (Pageviews & Unique Users) during April Contingency Campaign

"Getting the Scion message in front of Jumpstart's 10 million-plus in-market shoppers delivered tangible results that helped us understand the impact of the different targeting strategies we implemented. Being able to shift consumer shopping patterns and influence their behavior instantaneously with our message is of great value to us." - Adrian Si, Interactive Marketing Manager, Scion

Scion Pageviews

Table 1.2 Scion competitors' Traffic Changes from October - November, 2008

Change in Competitive Pageviews

Cross-Shopping and Reverse Cross-Shopping Data - Q4, 2008

Scion consideration among Dodge Caliber shoppers jumped from 8% to 20%when both the flash header and the competitive ads on Caliber pages were running; representing a 158% lift. Similarly, 19% of Mazda 3 shoppers were also looking at Scion in November, when the previous month there was only 6%, which represents a 242% increase in Scion consideration.


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