The People That Make It Happen

Nicholas Matarazzo

  • Most Intrigued By: People
  • Favorite Album: Quadrophenia
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Nicholas Matarazzo

Chief Executive Officer

Nick establishes vision, sets priority, and builds a high-performance culture throughout the organization.

A 35-year veteran of the media world, Nick has worked with leading media companies such as Hachette Filipacchi Media and CBS Magazines. Prior to joining Jumpstart, he was executive vice president of integrated sales and marketing and group publishing director at Hachette, where he oversaw brand strategy and marketing for the Men's Enthusiast Network (brands such as Car and Driver, Road & Track, and CycleWorld).

Nick began his career at CBS Magazines in 1981 (which was acquired by HFM U.S.), where he worked in various sales, publishing, and financial positions.

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Dennise Aardema

  • How You Get Around: Wrangler
  • Dream Vacation: Spain

Armen Abrahamian

  • How You Get Around: Walk
  • Most Intrigued By: Science

Mike Aimo

  • Dream Vacation: Australia
  • Most Intrigued By: Life

Joey Ancheta

  • Dream Vacation: Every MLB Stadium
  • Most Intrigued By: The Mind

Choon Choi

  • How You Get Around: Uber
  • Dream Vacation: Mars
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Choon Choi

Senior Vice President of Strategy, Business Development

A startup and digital media veteran, Choon identifies strategic business opportunities and cultivates the right partnerships to drive company growth, performance, and execution. He oversees strategy, business and corporate development, and revenue operations—which includes managing and growing Jumpstart's portfolio of premium automotive websites.

Prior to Jumpstart, he served in a broad range of business development and senior management roles at startups and Fortune 500 companies including Delivery Agent,, Gap Inc., LVMH, and Target Corporation.

Choon has been featured in leading industry publications such as iMedia Connection, MediaPost, and Automotive Digest and he is a founding member of the Automotive Executives Association.


Genaro Barragan

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Spike
  • Most Intrigued By: This Question

Andre Brown

  • How You Get Around: MUNI
  • Favorite Album: Abbey Road

Lisa Brodus

  • Most Intrigued By: Oceanography
  • Favorite Album: Off the Wall

Genevieve Brown

  • Dream Vacation: Ojai, CA
  • Most Intrigued By: Humans

Jason "JK" Koenigsknecht

  • How You Get Around: Quickly
  • Most Intrigued By: Smells
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Jason “JK” Koenigsknecht

Vice President of National Sales

JK manages national sales revenue across all Tier I and Tier II automotive manufacturers and their supporting agencies.

He has a 17-year history in the automotive marketing sector developing, planning, and implementing digital and cross-platform solutions for the major automotive manufacturers. JK has managed digital and new media sales at some of the world's largest media companies including Time Inc., Gannett, and Hachette Filipacchi Media. He has also worked with major Midwest-based brands Kimberly-Clark, Wendy's, Progressive Corporation, Sherwin-Williams, KAO Brands Company and many others.

A self-described "automotive marketing nerd," JK lives in Troy, Michigan with his wife Christen and their four children.

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Jordan Brown

  • Dream Vacation: The Moon
  • Most Intrigued By: German Cars

Megan Calahan

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Olaf
  • Dream Vacation: Rome

Karen Chan

  • Most Intrigued By: Physiognomy
  • Favorite Album: 1989

Ricky Chen

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Goku
  • Dream Vacation: Dubai

Francois Thery

  • Dream Vacation: Maldives
  • Favorite Album: Masada
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Francois Thery

Vice President of Finance

Francois ensures Jumpstart meets financial goals and objectives and increases operating performance. He manages financial planning, oversees the annual budgeting process, and develops business indicators to drive the company's profitability and sustainable growth.

Before joining Jumpstart in 2009, he served in various positions within Lagardère's magazine division in the U.S. (acquired by Hearst) including business director of the Digital Media Group and business manager at ELLE magazine. He also served as general manager of Interdeco Global Advertising and built the finance team and processes of Gamma Press USA.

Earlier in his career, Francois was assistant controller of Lagardère North America Inc.


Andy Chu

  • How You Get Around: MUNI
  • Dream Vacation: Japan

Alvin Chua

  • Most Intrigued By: Extraordinary Things
  • Favorite Album: Justified

Michelle Colletti

  • How You Get Around: Dodge Journey
  • Dream Vacation: Italy And Greece

Jeffrey DeLong

  • How You Get Around: Scion xB
  • Dream Vacation: Australia

Brian Ledoux

  • Dream Vacation: Mars
  • Most Intrigued By: Human Nature
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Brian Ledoux

Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations

Brian oversees campaign implementation, trafficking and delivery, sales operations, and performance optimization.

He has more than 10 years experience growing and leading operations teams, and more than 15 years online advertising expertise with publishers, vendors, and ad ops and tools. Prior to joining Jumpstart, Brian worked at Universal McCann Worldwide (UM)/IPG Mediabrands, where he led IPG Mediabrands agency trading desk's U.S. advertising operations group, executing global multi-platform campaigns for UM clients such as Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and Cathay Pacific.

Having been on the agency, publisher, and vendor side of the industry, Brian brings a uniquely holistic view of ad technology.


Mahdi Gad

  • Most Intrigued By: Good questions
  • Favorite Album: The White Stripes

Eric Ganbat

  • How You Get Around: BART
  • Dream Vacation: South Africa

Chad Gennow

  • Dream Vacation: Tibet
  • Favorite Album: Houses Of The Holy

Jillian Gibala

  • How You Get Around: Walk
  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Alice

Aaron Serrao

  • How You Get Around: Sixth Sense
  • Most Intrigued By: Magnets
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Aaron Serrao

Vice President of Audience Development

Aaron manages the company's audience development, and has helped build the largest, highest-performing portfolio of digital publishing brands in the automotive industry.

A battle-scarred publisher advocate, he oversees the publisher development team, which is tasked with providing a complete revenue solution for Jumpstart partners. In addition to his responsibilities with Jumpstart's publishers, Aaron also cultivates new audience and business development partnerships that align with strategic opportunities.

Aaron started his career at Jumpstart in 2007 and prior to joining the company, worked at Village Voice Media and early dotcom sports websites. He is also a member of the Automotive Executives Association.


Theresa Hern

  • Most Intrigued By: Bob Ross
  • Favorite Album: Okonokos

Aline Hilsabeck

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Jerry
  • Most Intrigued By: Fortune Tellers

Charley Huynh

  • How You Get Around: Car And Bike
  • Most Intrigued By: The Universe

Calvin Ilas

  • Favorite Album: Once Again
  • Dream Vacation: Italy

Linda Iverson

  • How You Get Around: Car
  • Favorite Album: Off The Wall

Kris Joesel

  • How You Get Around: Skateboard
  • Dream Vacation: Monaco

Crystin Johnson

  • How You Get Around: Bike
  • Dream Vacation: Madagascar

Michelle Johnson

  • Most Intrigued By: Nick Ricci
  • Favorite Album: Jock Jams: Volume 1

Paul Kavanagh

  • Most Intrigued By: Physics
  • How You Get Around: Electric Car

Trianda Keramidas

  • Dream Vacation: The Maldives
  • Favorite Album: Houses Of The Holy

Jerry Kourk

  • Most Intrigued By: Automobiles
  • Favorite Album: Thriller

Cara Kunkel

  • How You Get Around: Car
  • Dream Vacation: New Zealand

Elisabeth Lavigne

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Daria
  • Most Intrigued By: Food

Bob Lewis

  • Dream Vacation: Europe
  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Goofy

Stanley Liang

  • How You Get Around: Walk
  • Dream Vacation: Antarctica

Sacha Lien

  • Dream Vacation: Phuket
  • Most Intrigued By: Politics

Brian Lubetsky

  • Most Intrigued By: Bridges
  • Favorite Album: Sublime

Byron Mak

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Goku
  • Most Intrigued By: The NBA

James Mericle

  • How You Get Around: Walk
  • Dream Vacation: Japan

Lori Mertz

  • Dream Vacation: Tuscany
  • Most Intrigued By: Gastronomy

Brian Miller

  • Dream Vacation: Caribbean Islands
  • Most Intrigued By: Knowledge

Stacey Mitchell

  • Most Intrigued By: Dinosaurs
  • Favorite Album: Trouble

Laura Mooney

  • How You Get Around: Subway
  • Favorite Album: Babel

Narayan Motamarri

  • Dream Vacation: Hawaii
  • Most Intrigued By: Science Fiction

Libby Murad-Patel

  • How You Get Around: In Great Shoes
  • Favorite Album: Midnite Vultures

Truong Nguyen

  • Most Intrigued By: Astronomy
  • Favorite Album: Confessions

Aaron Nichols

  • Dream Vacation: Costa Rica
  • Favorite Album: Vitalogy

Jaclyn Ong

  • Dream Vacation: Maldives
  • Most Intrigued By: New Hiking Spots

Eric Panganiban

  • Dream Vacation: U.S. Road Trip
  • Most Intrigued By: Stand-Up Comedy

Shaam Pamidi

  • How You Get Around: Google Maps
  • Dream Vacation: Spain

Shawn Poe

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Homer
  • Favorite Album: Under The Pink

Jodi Pulliam

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Jem
  • Dream Vacation: Buenos Aires

Elliot Reeves

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Bart
  • Most Intrigued By: Politics

Nick Ricci

  • Dream Vacation: Australia
  • Favorite Album: The White Album

Jennifer Sams

  • Dream Vacation: Seychelles
  • Favorite Album: Staring at the Sea

Percy Sanders

  • Most Intrigued By: Shoes
  • Dream Vacation: Cuba

Eric Scapelliti

  • Dream Vacation: Australia
  • Most Intrigued By: My kids

Haitham Shammaa

  • How You Get Around: Unicorn
  • Most Intrigued By: Linguistics

Samantha Shanahan

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Ariel
  • Dream Vacation: Bora Bora

Amanda Shinn

  • Most Intrigued By: Sociology
  • Dream Vacation: Thailand

Chris Starr

  • Dream Vacation: U.S. Bicycle Trip
  • How You Get Around: MUNI And Bike

Kyle Taylor

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Pumba
  • Dream Vacation: Alaska

Annie Thai

  • How You Get Around: MUNI
  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Ariel

Colin Thomas

  • Dream Vacation: Golf In Scotland
  • Favorite Album: Siamese Dream

Robert Travis

  • Dream Vacation: Amsterdam
  • Favorite Album: The Blueprint

David Trinh

  • Favorite Album: Red
  • Dream Vacation: Antarctica

James Tom

  • Dream Vacation: Australia
  • Favorite Album: Joshua Tree

Dave Valentine

  • Dream Vacation: Mentawai Islands
  • Most Intrigued By: My Next Meal

Ariel Wang

  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Pooh
  • Dream Vacation: Bora Bora

Trey Wilkins

  • Most Intrigued By: People
  • Favorite Cartoon Character: Alvin

Allison Yi

  • How You Get Around: BART
  • Most Intrigued By: Waterfalls