Jumpstart Automotive: Super Bowl Advertising Generates Strong ROI for Chevy, Mini, Kia, and Volkswagen

Jumpstart Automotive Media (JumpstartAutomotiveMedia.com) today released results of its 2nd annual Super Bowl Automotive Advertiser ROI Study that analyzed the return on investment among this year's Super Bowl automotive advertisers, with Chevy, Mini, Kia and Volkswagen taking top billing among the 10 manufacturers that advertised during the big game.

"While most of the manufacturers experienced a positive ROI against their investment, Chevy, Mini, Kia and Volkswagen significantly outdistanced the rest of the pack. The automotive vertical was crowded with 15 different vehicle messages throughout the game, so it's not unusual that only a third of them would break through."

The Jumpstart study examined model-specific growth in share among car shoppers across 14 automotive shopping websites with over 14 million monthly visitors and the estimated price each manufacturer paid for every percent in share gained. The analysis was based on average assumed total ad dollars spent by each of the automakers during the Super Bowl.

The study was conducted over a six-week period beginning three weeks prior to the Super Bowl, to establish benchmark metrics for the OEMs slated to run spots during the game, and then extended three weeks post-Super Bowl, to better understand the enduring effects of the large investments that come with Super Bowl advertising.

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