Insights Book 2012

Welcome to the annual Jumpstart Automotive Media Insights Book—a year in review of digital automotive studies and invaluable industry perspective gleaned from Jumpstart’s portfolio of 12 publisher websites.

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About Strategic Insights

The Strategic Insights and Analytics department at Jumpstart Automotive Media provides automotive industry data analysis and market intelligence. Audience behaviors and campaign data are used to understand the automotive shopping process on third-party websites and how advertising influences consumer shopping and interest. Outside of standard audience trending reports, Insights produces case studies and industry white papers to better inform marketing decisions and share best practices among agencies and automotive clients.

In 2011, Jumpstart launched True Market Impact™ (TMI), a proprietary metric that helps advertisers better understand audience and product perceptions. TMI helps prove advertiser performance by measuring consideration, brand engagement, competitive share of market, market demand and purchase intent together. By utilizing this game-changing method, Jumpstart helps advertisers understand their audience and product perceptions to create more precise marketing solutions. 


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