Insights Book 2010 — 2011: Data and Intelligence to Make Better Business Decisions in 2012

Jumpstart Automotive Media, an expert automotive marketing organization, today released its latest Jumpstart Automotive Insights Book 2010 – 2011.

The book features an in-depth, two-year analysis of online car shopper trends and automotive marketing data to help automakers and their agencies develop campaigns that best reach car shoppers and influence buying decisions.

The book answers common questions advertisers ask, including:

  • The reasons why certain vehicle segments, makes and models are generating more car shopper interest than others
  • The factors car shoppers find most important in their research when it comes to influencing buying decisions
  • The specific automotive marketing initiatives that are proven to be more effective than others in increasing shopper interest and ultimately driving sales
  • The best ways advertisers can capture consumer attention and market share from competitive brands (cross-shopping and reverse cross-shopping)
  • The most effective marketing initiatives that help improve quality and increase frequency of online vehicle purchase requests

The book is backed by in-depth data including:

General Online Car Shopper Info

  • 63 percent of Jumpstart shoppers say price is a primary concern when buying a new car
  • 36 percent of Jumpstart shoppers say they visit two to three automotive websites during the car buying process, while nearly 58 percent use between two and six websites

Vehicle Segment, Make and Model Trends

  • Sedans remain the most researched segment of vehicles in the Jumpstart network, at an average 26 percent share of shoppers
  • Since 2009, shopper interest in crossover vehicles (CUVs) has grown 36 percent and since 2010, luxury CUVs have seen a 28 percent growth
  • In 2011, Ford dominated audience share across Jumpstart's network, with five of its vehicles — the Mustang, Focus, Escape, Explorer and F-150 — in the top ten spots of audience share
  • In 2011, the hybrid car category across Jumpstart's network increased 70 percent in shopper share over 2010

Automotive Marketing Case Study Highlights

Super Bowl Advertising ROI Studies

  • In 2010, KIA, Hyundai and Dodge gained the most online audience share across Jumpstart's network at the least price paid per share, with Super Bowl ads for the Sorento, Sonata and Charger respectively
  • In 2011, Chevy, Mini and KIA rounded out the top three Super Bowl advertising ROI winners across Jumpstart's network for the Silverado, Countryman and Volt respectively. See Jumpstart's 2012 Super Bowl Advertising ROI Study for this year's winners.

Social Media Marketing Analyses

  • Ford's July 26, 2010 Facebook reveal of the 2011 Ford Explorer prompted a one-day 104 percent increase in Ford Explorer page visits across Jumpstart's network

Digital Advertising Analyses

  • The Subaru Outback ad sponsorship across Jumpstart's network in October 2009 netted a 24 percent increase in Subaru shopper interest and a 162 percent increase in Outback purchase requests in four short weeks


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